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That can-do attitude with Rami

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What is your field in the industry?
Model, Actor, Influencer

Tell me something about yourself.
I'm a Youtuber with 800K subscribers. I started with filmmaking and then shifted more towards being in front of the camera by sharing my ideas and knowledge through entertainment and comedy.
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What are your hobbies, passions and interests outside of modeling and acting?
I love bodybuilding and fitness, finance/online money making such as crypto, and music (I sing and play guitar).

What made you decide to become a model, actor or influencer?
I enjoy the process of performing in front of the camera and I love meeting new like-minded people one-set. It’s also a good revenue stream for financial support.

Tell me about your biggest modeling or acting accomplishment.
Outside my Youtube channels and social media presence, I've had a small role in a Netflix series and have worked with brands I love such as McDonald’s and Jeep.

What type of modeling or acting are you hoping to do?
My main goal is to get into Netflix, movies and TV series. This is my childhood dream way before I became a Youtuber and got big on social media; and through my film-making passion, it became clear to me that the film industry is where I want to be.

Are there any type of modeling or acting jobs you wish to avoid?
Not really. I can't think of anything.

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What are the benefits and challenges (pros and cons) of your job as a model or actor?
I think the pros outweigh the cons. Pros: it's fun, it gives me fulfillment, you meet amazing people, you get recognized and it can pay well. Cons: it could be tiring at times when you have 2 back-to-back shoots or have to work through the night.

How do you handle constructive feedback from the industry experts you work with on projects?
I always try to absorb as much knowledge as I can on shoots, and I'm always in awe watching people work together on-set to accomplish 1 goal with each having their own unique tasks. One of the best things you can do is to listen carefully when experts give you customized advice. It's truly priceless.

What was the most challenging project, photoshoot or video shoot you have done?
I did a shoot for Sun & Sand Sports during the summer in the middle of the desert while wearing jackets and winter clothes so that was a bit rough; but it’s still one of the greater shoots I've been in!
How do you handle work under pressure in the industry?
I'm the type of person who thrives under pressure, loves to multi-task and I experience increased productivity when I have a lot on my to-do list so it works really well for me!

Who inspires you (actor, model, etc.) and why?
I love Jim Carry because he is just so incredibly talented at acting, facial expressions and comedy in general. I also admire Will Smith's drive to still create even though he has been doing it for years now. He is still active on social media (in the right way) and never seemed to stop trying to be the greatest at what he does.

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What are the major events that made a huge impact on your career as a model, actor or influencer?
Outside of the social media world, traveling to Dubai really opened a lot of doors for me in terms of modeling and acting as it was nearly impossible to do this back in Syria. I came here and was shocked by how welcoming the world of modeling and acting here is.

What was the latest project that you worked on?
It was a shoot for Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. It was a great experience!

What is the best advice you would like to share to anyone who wants to become a model, actor or influencer?
Work on your social and communication skills; and practice presenting in front of the camera as well. It's not all about looks, these fade. Have this mindset and these things will dramatically increase your chances.

What do you like about working with MMG Talent?
The agents are always professional and kind. They’re always timely and precise with the details they share; whether it's locations, timings or any other minor detail that clients may miss to mention.

Interview by .  23/11/2022

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