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Model, Actor, Influencer

Tell me something about yourself.
I am 11 years old, living in Dubai since 2013. My father is Brazilian and my Mother is Swiss. I have a little brother, his name is Kevin and is 4 years old. He also wants to follow my steps. I love animals and have 2 dogs, Bella and Cookie.
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What are your hobbies, passions and interests outside of modeling and acting?
I like to scuba dive and do all water sports activities. I am a good and fast runner. One of my sports is Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts. I also enjoy drawing and painting. One of my biggest passion is playing video games.

What made you decide to become a model, actor or influencer?
My grandmother always wanted me to be a model and she was always telling my mother. Every time I was walking, many people loved my hair! Everyone was asking my mother if I was a model. So after a long time of my grandmother insisting, my mom took a decision to register me in an agency after one of our photographer’s friend in Brazil was shooting with a model who was working and living in Dubai. He talked about me and my curls to her and she then recommended us MMG!

Tell me about your biggest modeling or acting accomplishment.
The biggest accomplishment as a model was being in a huge outdoor billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road and in the metro station which is also on Sheikh Zayed road. People I knew saw it before us and were tagging me on Instagram! Amazing experience!

What type of modeling or acting are you hoping to do?
I like to model for sports and clothing brands specifically campaigns where I can use my imagination and talents.

Are there any type of modeling or acting jobs you wish to avoid?
As of now, I prefer to avoid underwear shoots but swimming clothes, I love it!

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What are the benefits and challenges (pros and cons) of your job as a model or actor?
As of today, my challenge is to face the castings as during the casting I am very shy but when it comes to the real job, I completely change and have so much fun! People working with me knows it :-) I am playful and fun.

How do you handle constructive feedback from the industry experts you work with on projects?
Constructive feedback is always welcome as this is how we can improve our skills, poses and acting. I was lucky to always receive good feedback from my directors or photographers.

What was the most challenging project, photoshoot or video shoot you have done?
The most challenging project was for a real estate shoot where we have to be on-set at 4:00 AM and during the day, I had to skateboard and do some takes while touching the very hot floor during summer time. I burnt my hands but the shot was so amazing.

How do you handle work under pressure in the industry?
I don’t feel any pressure as I love it. For me, I always have so much fun while working.

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Who inspires you (actor, model, etc.) and why?
A model that inspires is a friend model that I met during a shoot. His name is Matthew. We worked together and he made me feel so confident! We had so many good moments. His Instagram account ????

@king_mattheyu wishing you the best of luck in your career and thanks for naming me, “Star Boy” ⭐️

What are the major events that made a huge impact on your career as a model, actor or influencer?
The major event that made a huge impact in my career was to have worked for Mastercard and being featured during Expo 2020 and the Mascot Robot. So many people saw it and started recognizing me. They saw me at the airport, airport trolleys, metro, banners and outdoor. I was so impressed to see myself everywhere. I felt so lucky and blessed!

What was the latest project that you worked on?
My latest project was working for Landmark Group and being featured now in-stores. Being in all the biggest malls in Dubai is so special.

What is the best advice you would like to share to anyone who wants to become a model, actor or influencer?
My best advice would be to enjoy every moment in every shoot. We come to meet so many professionals and each one of them will make a difference in our career. Thanks to everyone that I had the chance to work with!

What do you like about working with MMG Talent?
MMG was the first agency which I registered and was welcomed very well. I started my career and my first job with MMG! I am so thankful as I could grow and learn so much about modeling and acting during these past 2 years.

Interview by .  24/04/2023

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