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Ever wondered how Top Models got scouted?

LA Fashion week choreographer Errol Isip will teach you the tricks and secrets Top Models live by, day-by-day.

In his 6 weeks course, available for all aspiring models, Errol will go over important topics such as catwalk, posing, camera interaction and the must-haves to get scouted by modelling agencies across the world!

At the end of the course, 1 talented aspiring model will be offered an exclusive representation agreement with the GCC’s biggest modelling agency MMG Models.

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Errol has over 20 years of extensive industry experience under his belt between Dubai and later on in Los Angeles. He is a renowned Casting Director and Choreographer, coaching local or international talents in the world of fashion. He has worked on multiple LA Fashion Week events and is currently the Executive Producer of Modelhunt, ”The World's Most Diverse Model Search” in USA. Isip also trains various up-and-coming models through his Model Masterclass.

With MMG’s comprehensive portfolio of global and regional brands, a full spectrum of services and creative expertise in Casting, Post Production, Photography, Videography, Wardrobe Styling, Hair & Make-Up and more; Errol Isip and MMG’s partnership is a perfect match.


The 6-Step Casting Director’s Program is composed of all-inclusive presentations, engaging videos, and practical exercises curated for you to develop your modelling skills. Per week, each step is broken down for you to fully absorb the lessons and assignments.

Step 1: "Self Assessment" - What type of model are you?
- Understanding the 3 main categories of modeling
- Know the standard requirements per category
- Understanding the different types of models
- Assess yourself as a model to find the right jobs and agencies

academy - 1 step

academy - 2 step
Step 2: "Stand Straight" - Proper posture and building confidence
- How to build your confidence
- How to have proper posture
- Posture exercises to follow
- Assess yourself if you have the right posture
- Assess your strengths and weaknesses
Step 3: "Perfect Pose" - Learning how to pose
- Posing Techniques
- Sample Poses
- Posing for Digitals
- Sample Poses for Digitals

academy - 3 step

academy - 4 step
Step 4: "Build Your Portfolio" - Learn how to build your portfolio
- How to build your portfolio
- Essential Portfolio Shots
- Social Media Accounts
- Questionnaire for your photoshoot
- Release Form Template

Step 5: "Strut Your Stuff" - Learning how to walk on the runway
- Basic Walking
- Model Stance and using your hands
- Turning
- Other Runway walks
- Fashion Show 101

academy - 5 step

academy - 6 step
Step 6: "Getting booked!" - Everything about castings
- Do's and Don'ts
- What to wear during a casting?
- What to expect during a casting?
- Casting for TV commercial
- How to make a Casting video
- Freelance Modeling or Getting Signed with an agency


If you have questions on how to pose, how to walk the catwalk, how to build your portfolio, or maybe you’re unsure of where to start in the industry and are trying to figure out how to get signed, Model Perfection has the answers and solutions for you all in just 6 Steps.

What you will get:

38 lessons icon
Lessons that will transform aspiring models to become successful models
Casting icon
Secrets from a Casting Director
Expertise and knowledge from 20 years experience
Tools icon
Tools and Exercises
Each step will have tools and exercises to follow and improve your skills
follow icon
Easy to follow videos
Interactive and quick video lessons
photos icon
Sample photos and videos
Different samples of model's photos and videos
guids icon
Downloadable Guides
Easy to follow guides can be downloaded
pace icon
Own Pace
Speed up, slow down or repeat any lesson inside the course
learn icon
Learn on the go
Access to program app, so you can take the lessons anywhere you go

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Online Program
Tools and Exercises
Assessment by an expert
Live QA Calls (1 month) info_outline
Membership Portal (1 month)

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Online Program
Tools and Exercises
Assessment by an expert
Live QA Calls (3 months) info_outline
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Online Program
Tools and Exercises
Assessment by an expert
Live QA Calls (3 months) info_outline
Membership Portal (3 months)
+ 2 hour one on one virtual coaching

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3 months PREMIUM Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not found what you were looking for please contact us

  • How long is the program?arrow_downward
    The program is composed of 6 steps, so a total of 6 weeks. Each step is composed of short videos, tools and exercises. Each step is launched once a week in order for you to have time to practice and apply the exercises. Some exercises are easy and some will need more time for you to master it.
  • What if I want to access all 6 steps in advance?arrow_downward
    If you do not want to wait after 1 week for the next step, you can get access to the full program with all 6 steps, but your 1 week guarantee will be forfeited.
  • How long do I have access to the course content?arrow_downward
    Participants have forever access to the course content (all steps, videos, and tools) and our private. Community Membership forum (If you registered for Interactive course)
  • What if I am unable to begin attending the QA calls right away?arrow_downward
    Once you enroll, let us know when you plan on diving in. We are happy to start your 6 months of LIVE QA call access when you are ready to submit your course progress for feedback. You have 6-months access to the live QA calls (12 live feedback sessions).
  • What if I will be away/unable to work on my course for a period of time as the modules are being released?arrow_downward
    No worries! 6 Step Casting Director program to model perfection was designed to be a move-at-your-own-pace program. Therefore, you can pause and/or revisit the program whenever necessary since you have forever access to your learning portal.
  • How can I receive feedback with my journey?arrow_downward
    The live QA calls are the best way to get detailed feedback on your biggest questions directly from Errol . The live QA calls happen 2x a month. We recommend approaching the QA calls as implementation milestones. You can set goals for what you want to complete in each step of your transformation and have ready for each call. We also encourage you to share your exercises and any questions in our exclusive 6 Step Casting Director's Program Facebook Group, so you can get feedback and share your struggles and successes with your peers.
  • What if I am unable to attend the live QA calls?arrow_downward
    We've got you covered! All of our QA calls are recorded for later access. Within 24 hours, you can go into your learning portal and review the recording. You're also encouraged to submit (via email) your questions ahead of the call, so that they can be added to our agenda. Even if you can't make a live session, you can still get your question answered and get direct feedback through the recording.
  • I have a question that isn't answered here.arrow_downward
    We're happy to help! Please use the contact us page.