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Learn the ways to work in the industry with Marwan talking about aspirations and attitude.

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Tell me something about yourself.
I’ve been working as a model and actor for the last 15 years. I have immense passion for acting and I love being in front of the camera. I mainly shoot fashion, lifestyle and TV commercials. I enjoy working with agencies that have creative approach.

What are your hobbies, passions and interests outside of modeling and acting?
Being confident in my own judgment & decisions. I enjoy cooking, running, watching movies, hiking and swimming; learning something new and having an adventure.
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What made you decide to become a model, actor or influencer?
It was always a conscious decision. I remember watching all the commercials as a kid and thinking that’s me, that’s where I belong—it was a lifetime pursuit.

Tell me about your biggest modeling or acting accomplishment.
It was a Lebanese movie that I had the chance to be a part of.

What type of modeling or acting are you hoping to do?
I hope to do more movies and TV series.

Are there any type of modeling or acting jobs you wish to avoid?
I have no problem with any type of acting or modeling.

What are the benefits and challenges (pros and cons) of your job as a model or actor?
Projecting your body and personality into the world, and working to make a name for yourself is challenging. A model never has a stable working routine—one week they might have ten different jobs, the next none. It's a constant state of unknown and because of this, a model must work hard to gain recognition and get jobs.

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How do you handle constructive feedback from the industry experts you work with on projects?
I think about what was said and try to find something that might be helpful to me. I acknowledge the beneficial input and say how much I appreciate it instead of responding defensively.

What was the most challenging project, photoshoot or video shoot you have done?
The most challenging project was shooting in extremely hot weather while wearing a diving suit—it got stuck and was too hard to remove .

How do you handle work under pressure in the industry?
I’m a very calm person, I don’t take anything personal and I can handle all the pressure because simply I love shooting and I enjoy being on set .

Who inspires you (actor, model, etc.) and why?
Johnny Depp, he is quite adaptable and can play anybody; from a serial killer barber (Sweeney Todd) and a lonely, frustrated writer (Mort Rainey from Secret Window) to a misunderstood artificial person (Edward Scissorhands) and a sweet and intelligent constable (Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow). Plus, he’s very smart in choosing his characters.

What are the major events that made a huge impact on your career as a model, actor or influencer?
It was a big commercial for a real state project where I was everywhere: TV, billboards, social media, and I can say it was a turning point in my career which I started to be well-known in the feed.

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What was the latest project that you worked on?
Ferrari World campaign

What is the best advice you would like to share to anyone who wants to become a model, actor or influencer?
I want to tell them to enjoy every moment of the shooting and take every project as an opportunity to meet new people. Never give up on your dreams even if you’ve done several castings and you weren’t selected. Always remember to look forward.

What do you like about working with MMG Talent?
I love working with MMG because they are one of the professional agencies in UAE. They always offer me good opportunities and most importantly, they keep pushing for their talents and presenting them in the best way.
In case I’m facing any problem during a shoot, they always make sure to solve it immediately. Plus with MMG, you always get your payment on time and sometimes before. :-)

Interview by .  05/06/2022

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