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Tell me something about yourself.
I'm a multi-award winning artist with Universal Music. I've performed at some of the biggest festivals in the region and opened up for artist such as Bruno Mars and The Backstreet Boys. I studied method acting in Los Angeles and have also done modeling for numerous fashion shows and editorial shoots.
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What are your hobbies, passions and interests outside of modeling and acting?
My passions are music, singing, running, gym, volleyball and reading.

What made you decide to become a model, actor or influencer?
I've always loved the creative industry.

Tell me about your biggest modeling or acting accomplishment.
I was featured in Vogue and Esquire magazine as part of their creative talents in the region feature.

What type of modeling or acting are you hoping to do?
I'm open to all projects, whether they’re commercial campaigns, editorial shoots, or movie shoots. I really enjoy my time on-set and I’m fully committed to every project I'm a part of.

Are there any type of modeling or acting jobs you wish to avoid?

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What are the benefits and challenges (pros and cons) of your job as a model or actor?
There's a lot of benefits, I think it's a unique job in that every shoot is different. You get to be a part of a creative project that was put together by a group of individuals all after a common goal. It's a real team effort! The challenges are just being open to adapt to certain situations—not everything is always according to plan so I think it's important to be flexible and easy to work with and adapt to your surroundings when need be.

How do you handle constructive feedback from the industry experts you work with on projects?
I love to hear constructive criticism. I believe in always having a learning mentality and I think it’s important to be able to be open to listen to feedback and direction and to continuously work on improving yourself. It's part of the job!

What was the most challenging project, photoshoot or video shoot you have done?
Well, some shots are very demanding on the body and mind, whether its going on a rollercoaster 50 times in a row or reading pages of dialogue multiple times, both can be challenging physically and mentally.

How do you handle work under pressure in the industry?
It's part of the job—it’s easy and second nature for me now but it wasn't always the case as it gets easier with experience. Theres no trick to getting used to performing with cameras or an audience in front of you. It's just one of those things that the more you do, the easier it becomes.

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Who inspires you (actor, model, etc.) and why?
Mathew McConaughey and Jamie Foxx. I think they're both tremendous actors who are extremely talented, fully committed, and fully immersed in their roles.

What are the major events that made a huge impact on your career as a model, actor or influencer?
Being an opening act for Bruno Mars, Backstreet Boys, Fifth Harmony, Jacob Collier, and many others. As well as being featured in Vogue & Esquire magazine.

What was the latest project that you worked on?
It was an exciting shoot with a lot of computer generated images where I played as a professor.

What is the best advice you would like to share to anyone who wants to become a model, actor or influencer?
Show up on time, give it your all, listen to feedback, be professional and be open to adapt to any role!

What do you like about working with MMG Talent?
I love how professional the team is with their responses and how they always check in before and during shoots. I also really appreciate how user-friendly the website is to use.

Interview by .  11/09/2022

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