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Juggling school and work with Maria

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Model, Actor, Influencer

Tell me something about yourself.
I am a very active, friendly and hardworking child. Apart from this, I am a scholar of British School. I do many other activities to gain many skills—I am a model, pianist, violinist, travel blogger, figure skater and horse rider. I have started my new hobby and learning the stand-up paddle ride.
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What are your hobbies, passions and interests outside of modeling and acting?
I am learning piano, violin and participating in a concerts since 6 years old. I am also a figure skater and won a gold medal in International Completion 2022, Skates Emirates. I am a horse rider for 2 years and attending the Sharjah Equestrian Club. I am a golf player, as well as a good swimmer. My parents gifted me a stand-up paddle board and I am spending my weekends on the sea.

What made you decide to become a model, actor or influencer?
It is seems fun and enjoyable to participate the modeling and acting sessions. I want to be a famous too. I like when people recognize me.

Tell me about your biggest modeling or acting accomplishment.
For acting, it’s the speaking role as Maya in the movie for AUD, "The Return" and the commercial for Conrad Etihad Towers. For Modeling, it’s shooting for BabyShop, 6th Street, Smart Baby, Shoemart, One World Friday and Nesto.

What type of modeling or acting are you hoping to do?
I hope to do a main role in a movie or TV series.

Are there any type of modeling or acting jobs you wish to avoid?
None—I am very happy to participate in all projects.

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What are the benefits and challenges (pros and cons) of your job as a model or actor?
The biggest challenge is that I have to skip my regular school or my scheduled music and sport classes. The benefits are the experience, the portfolio and the money. Some projects also involve the traveling and luxury hotel stays with amazing activities like kayaking, buggy riding, horse riding and more.

How do you handle constructive feedback from the industry experts you work with on projects?
I always follow the advises of experts and handle it very positively even if I don’t agree with their opinion. So far, I was receiving positive feedbacks for my jobs and I am usually sharing it in social media.

What was the most challenging project, photoshoot or video shoot you have done?
That was a commercial for Volkswagen where I required to be outdoor for many hours and the weather was very hot.

How do you handle work under pressure in the industry?
I handle it positively even if I am tired or need to wait long hours for my turn—I remain calm, friendly and ready for the session.

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Who inspires you (actor, model, etc.) and why?
Anna Shcherbakova—she’s the Olympic champion of 2022 in figure skating and a model for famous brands. She has unique skills that can be gained only with hard work, talent, great acting skills and the body features. She inspires me to work hard off ice and on ice and she inspired me to win a gold medal lately for an international competition in May 6, 2022.

What are the major events that made a huge impact on your career as a model, actor or influencer?
When I was 8, I was invited by my coach to make a commercial for the skate club to attract the kids to come and join figure skating; and my video commercial and pictures have been everywhere—in social media, on the billboard, brochures, walls and TV screens, and I like it very much. Then I decided to become a model and actor.

What was the latest project that you worked on?
That was an e-commerce shoot for BabyShop.

What is the best advice you would like to share to anyone who wants to become a model, actor or influencer?
Here the several advises:

  1. Build professional portfolio
  2. Register in modeling agencies platforms
  3. Arrange amazing pages in social media
  4. Attending modeling and acting classes
  5. Attending dancing classes as there are so many calls for dancers or for models who has a dancing skills
  6. Take good care of your appearance
What do you like about working with MMG Talent?
Well, MMG Talent—that’s the best agency for me, just simply because I have the most number of jobs from MMG Talent for the last year, and I am in industry for only one year. Apart from it, it’s an amazing platform where everything is organized and clear. It is easy to find all job calls and history of all the projects and applications. It is easy to apply and receive the alerts of new jobs by all sources—Love it and MMG Talent is very supportive on social media. Many times, my posts and stories been re-posted in social media, thank you very much for your continued support.

Interview by .  24/04/2023

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