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A day in the life of a hair stylist

A day in the life of a hair stylist It's wonderful. It's exciting. It'll keep you on your feet.

A hair stylist can never have a boring or an ordinary day. New queries, styles, people and loads of expectations await everyday for them. Meeting new clients, meeting their expectations and bidding them adieu happily is the only thing that is same.

From men to women and kids, a variety of requests pour in from different people. With back to back sessions, the job can be tiring but by the end of the day when you think of the smiles that you have created, it vanishes completely. Leaving you with a sense of contentment, everyday is a fresh day.

While their hair is in your hands (literally), understanding their hair and scalp and advising them rightly is paramount. At the end of the day, your clients look up to you to seek advice.

There are days when clients cancel appointments and you don't have work an hour or two. Sitting back and reducing your pay isn't the right way. Take every opportunity to fill in the spot. The busier you are, the more demand you are creating for yourself;ultimately making more bucks!

As for hair stylists who work in the fashion industry, the job differs based on the project. From runway projects to ad films and movies, the hair style depends on the theme and roll of the artist. While you work in the fashion industry, the exposure one gets is tremendous. Meeting people from different walks of life makes the world a huge place to be in.

To put your thoughts into action and achieve your goals is something every hair stylist must strive to do everyday. So whether you're at the salon or behind the camera working, be a hair stylist, a consultant and an amazing person!

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